Sanctuarium LP
Refoundation Records | xSelf Truex Records
'Sanctuarium' is the third full length album of one of the best hardcore / metal acts to come from Brazil nowadays.
Confronto were formed in the streets & favelas of Rio de Janeiro & Fluminense and their heavy metallic hardcore music emerged from the everyday reality they had to face after the dawn of each new day. That's why their lyrics are social and political enough to make the ultra spoiled, middle class, hardcore kids of the western civilization that think they care about politics & society to burst into tears and leave the fakeness aside...
So, Refoundation Records from Italy and xSelf Truex Records from Russia collaborated for the European release of 'Sanctuarium', while Seven Eight Life Recordings takes care of the South American release & distribution of the album.
The 10 songs presented here are nothing more than relentless heavy metallic & thrashy vegan / straight edge hardcore in the vein of Earth Crisis, Point Of No Return and Slayer.
One of the most honest records that have been released during the last months, an absolutely must have!
The design was made by the infamous Azrael Designs (worked for Heaven Shall Burn and Amon Amarth, among tens of others), while the lyrics in the record sheet are translated in English too (I forgot to write that Confronto sing in their native language...).
Go get this. Distributed in Greece by our distro and Scarecrow distro.