Go For It!
Reading between front lines MCD
R.P.H.C. Records
'Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable' - John F. Kennedy.
This is the first line you read (written just under the CD case) when you grab this record to put it in your stereo. No comments but one thing's for sure; these fucking 8 songs are heavy and violent, yet peaceful and positive... That's what I like in Go For It! They may sound and seem as a tough guy hardcore band but they have nothing to do with this bullshit behaviour.
I know Haris, their guitarist, for a couple of years now, since he was playing for In Full Strength. We co-operated a lot in the past, either for trades / co - releases or band promotion / live events, and I can say that he is a very committed guy to the hardcore scene. Go For It! is his new band and he also owns R.P.H.C. Records, the label responsible for this release (also home for Nothing I Know, Lavatch and Miles To Go).
So, Go For It! is a young & promising hardcore band from Ruhrpott area, Germany, that were formed less than a year ago and played their first show 6 months ago! Since then, they have managed to play a lot of awesome shows, supporting cool bands and they are a hell bunch of shows to come, along with Crushing Caspars, Death Before Dishonor, Cheap Thrills, Crossed The Line and more... By the way, they supported the mighty Bold last night!
Their first MCD includes 7 songs + an intro of heavy & fast in your face hardcore with a lot of old school references, some NYHC parts and metallic riffs.
The last song (and my favorite one) contains some Blood For Blood lyrics taken from 'White Trash Anthem'.
The production is tight and clean and the packaging simple and cool. I'd prefer a better cover, though, to be honest!
What I like a lot is the lyrics that vary from love songs and scene related issues to anti-racism and hate / 'macho' tunes.
Get this, it's really cool!

'Slayer's a great band but got nothing to do with hardcore' - Know Your History.