Positively Positive Hardcore Fest III
AN Club | Athens
The 3rd edition of the annual Positively Positive Hardcore Fest will take place on Saturday 19th December in the infamous AN Club of Athens.
For those who may not know, Positively Positive is an underground, independent hardcore / punk fest that started in 2007 and it takes place sometime in mid / late December every single year. The bands that have participated in the past are: Only Attitude Counts (Austria), No Turning Back (The Netherlands), Woof (Germany), Lobotomy Refusal (Italy) and Something Inside (Germany), plus the locals Senseless, All Rise, Another Hangover, Truth Behind Lies and Faithreat. Positively Positive is an attempt to spread around the underground hardcore music in our country and has nothing to do with corporate bands and rock-star hardcore 'scenesters'. It's by the kids for the kids; nothing more and nothing less.
Javi | Al mal tiempo designed the super duper promotion poster / flyer. We owe you dude!
For band lineup, tickets & further info, stay tuned. You'll get regular updates every now and then!
Distros / labels / fanzines that are interested to set up a distro table just drop us a line.