In The Face Of War
We make our own luck CD
Pee Records
A fucking great release by the infamous Pee Records, based in Adelaide | Australia.
This is actually a re-release, Australian special one, of 'We make our own luck' with 2 bonus track and an awesome artwork of the 2006 edition (originally released by Detournement Records).
In The Face of War come from Indiana, USA, and exist since 2001, if i'm right...
If you are into Bane, Have Heart, Modern Life Is War, Verse, Ruiner, Blacklisted, This Is Hell, Comeback Kid, but you also like a bit the youth crew style and some Youth Of Today tunes, then you should definitely check out this release. I mean, YOU SHOULD!
You know the deal I guess. Deathwish / Bridge 9 inspired hardcore taking influences from the past. But these dudes have something special that makes their music unique, I dunno how to describe it; you have to listen to the songs asap!
Fast, in your face, passionate hardcore, fueled with melodic riffs (sometimes technical I dare to say, 3 guitarists, wtf?), screaming vocals, sing-alongs and an emotional edge for all you modern hardcore scenesters! Read the lyrics, too, they are not your typical one, for sure.
They already have a new release out, 'Everything you heard is true' by Init Records. I haven't listened to any new songs, though.
Fuck... this is great.