In like a lion 7"
Not Just Words Records
Balance is a new straight edge hardcore band from Sweden. They started out 2 summers ago and this cute 7" record, which Not Just Words Records from Holland put out, is their first release ever, while nowadays they are preparing their first full length album.
So, 'In like a lion' features 6 songs of fast and aggressive hardcore music in the vein of the Boston Hardcore scene of the late 80s, but with a modern approach and influences by bands like Floorpunch, Count Me Out, Straight Ahead and Carry On.
Here's everything you'd ever expect from such a band; the passion, the energy, the rage, the X's in the hands and the sing-alongs.
The lyrics deal with the straight edge, the vegetarian ideals and the hardcore scene in general.
Not something groundbreaking, but not bad at all!
The last song of the 7" ('Face to face') features guest vocals by Aram (Champion, Betrayed), Gustav The Cutting Edge and Daniel Common Cause among others!
Watch out for them, they tour all Europe during August. They already played in Moshvalley fest (along with Have Heart, Rise & Fall, No Turning Back and the likes) and they also play in the legendary Ieper fest in Belgium on 29th August!

'We don't drink, we don't smoke and we don't need your god damn dope. Got open minds and we're living clean. Why can't you see what we mean? There are choices we all can make so these destructive patterns break. And there's so much more that you can do. We've made our choice - now how about you?'
{lyrics from 'Why?'}