Strike First
Gospels for the deceived CD
Crucial Attack Records
Damn, I know that this was released more than a year ago...
I guess you are bored enough from the summer laziness to read the same excuses from me again in this review, right? Nevertheless, better late than never!
Some of you may remember Strike First from the Keep It Real publication. I did an interview with them back in 2006 (issue 5 or 6, I can't remember right now). Moreover, their last release (on Crucial Response Records back then) 'Requiem for the aftermath' was one of my favs a couple of years ago...
So, Strike First from The Netherlands exist since 2003 and have already put out a couple of CDs and 7"s in the infamous Crucial Response Records (as I already stated). Their latest 7" called 'The Human Devil' and this CD was released by another label, Crucial again but Attack instead of Response this time, hehe! To be serious, Crucial Attack is one of today's most hard-working hardcore labels with a great roster including Rush 'N' Attack, Brat Pack, State Of Mind, Citizens Patrol and Tenement Kids, among others.
'Gospels for the deceived' feature 11 groundbreaking heavy hardcore songs in the vein of the 90s NYHC scene (not the thuggish one) and bands like Cro-Mags, Leeway, Subzero and Killing Time. They manage to mix metal fueled hardcore with some hard rock and rock 'n' roll elements and this leads them to the production of a very unique sound that varies from old school hardcore to heavy/thrash metal.
Their lyrics are dark and personal, touching issues like death, no salvation and the likes.
I really like 'em though...
The production is ace of course while the artwork is done by Sly Artwork (also known for his work with No Turning Back, Justice and Reflections Records).
Sorry for being late, but the record deserves your attention, trust me.

'By all forsaken now I've risen
From the depths of your private hell
I'm your dreams and nightmares
I'm everything'
{quotation from 'I Deceiver'}