The Guilt Show
Before they know we are all dead CD
Refoundation Records
I got some copies of this CD from Ric / Refoundation Records & Booking during Fluff Fest, just to carry for my distro. Fortunately, he was kind enough to give me a free copy to review in my blog, and 'Before they know we are all dead' was one of the first records I listened to when I returned from Fluff. After around 10 listenings I guess I'm ready to write down a bit of my thoughts upon it!
First of... The Guilt Show will blow up your mind! Not only do they play fucking intense music but they also have that fucking hardcore attitude; an attitude that is missing from almost every band of today's scene.
I quote from them; '
in case you missed it: we're sick and tired of your trendy haircuts, sick of your fashionable tattoos, sick of your bullshit lyrics, sick of YOU. the only thing we care about is playing hardcore as it should be played. period.'. Eh? What the fuck, that is what exactly is haunting my mind during the last months or maybe years...
Back to the music part...
The Guilt Show were formed in Bologna, Italy, around the spring of 2006 and they feature former members of well-known Italian bands of the past like The Secret, Summer League and Ivory Cage. Their first full length album feature 6 brand new tracks plus the 4 tracks of their 2006 7" release (by Defiant Hearts Records) called 'Those who do wrong deserve to be blamed'. Their style is close to bands like American Nightmare, Blacklisted and Unbroken and that means passionate melodic hardcore at its fullest! The production is tight and clean, while the booklet is awesome printed in cardboard (recycled I think...) and includes explanations along with the lyrics, plus an essay the band wrote.
Go get this record without thinking it twice. It's definitely one of the best HARDCORE records that came out this year. Word.

P.S. 1: Have I already told you that Refoundation Records is the best Italian label around?
P.S. 2: Check out their latest video, it fucking rules!