Slapedenhonden / Tinner
split 7"
|World's Appreciated Kitsch 012|
New fucking cool split 7" co-produced by a bunch of DIY labels; and guess what... WAK is among them! Slapedenhonden from The Netherlands play grindcore / powerviolence as fuck, for those who dig Charles Bronson, Napalm Death, Autopsy & Spazz, while Tinner from Finland play fast thrashy crust / punk with old school black metal stitches for those who dig fast music in general! Out now!
Labels involved: World's Appreciated Kitsch (Greece), Plan Bean Records (USA), Hollow Soul Records (UK), Vecordia Productions (Germany), Sludgesicle Records (USA), Up Yours Distro (Sweden).
Deals: single copies / 4 euros each | + 5 copies / 3 euros each.