...And So We Escaped
Into the endless night CD
self - released
I found this CD lying on the ground during Fluff festival in Czech Republic the previous summer.
I guess that someone lost it or something. Or maybe someone threw it away, I dunno!
So, lucky me to find it!
The really nice packaging, with the digipack case made of recycled paper and the stencil on the compact disc, attracted me at first sight. It was the first time I ever heard about this band, so I was curious to figure out what they are playing. And believe me, the vegan / straight edge lifestyle they clearly promote in the booklet of the CD added extra points to my curiosity.
So, here we are two months after listening to 'Into the endless night' and writing this review.
First of all, I have to inform you that ...And So We Escaped (great name, btw) come from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and their demo consists of 3 instrumental songs, lasting around 30 minutes!
They have nothing to do with hardcore/punk music, except for playing some hardcore/punk bills every now & then, and are into the DIY hardcore/punk scene.
They are influenced by Mono, This Will Destroy You, Pelican, Isis, Cult Of Luna and the likes.
Call it instrumental rock or post-rock, whatever you like.
Their music is inspiring and amusing. I really like this, even though Danai'd sell her soul to the devil to get this CD from me, haha!
...And So We Escaped live & promote a vegan, straight edge lifestyle, strongly support the animal/human/earth liberation movements and renounce all forms of exploitation and discrimination.
You can listen to all 3 songs in their myspace page.
'My Brethren, we are free! The fruits are glowing beneath the stars and the night winds are flowing o'er the rip corn, the birds and beasts are dreaming. Never again may blood of bird or beast stain with its venomous stream a human feast, to the pure skies in accusation steaming' - Percy Bysshe Shelley