These Hands Are Fists
Peace is bad for business MCD | Tape
Refuse Records | Obsolete Man Records
First of, I'm blessed to have both formats of this record. Blessed? Wrong word. Actually I consider myself blessed to be a part of this awesome movement called hardcore/punk. But that's another story... Let's return to These Hands Are Fists.
So, their 8 song album was released last year by Refuse Records (Poland) in CD format and Obsolete Man (Skopje) in tape format. Both formats are nicely packaged including booklets with all the lyrics and extensive explanations. The artwork is a blast, that's why I included the link of the guy that designed it among the other links in the bottom right of this review.
These Hands Are Fists feature former members of xNew Windsx, Fight For Change and Time-X. Some of you may remember The Edge zine and the huge xNew Windsx interview that was included inside...
They come from Lisbon, Portugal and play fast, political oriented, old school hardcore, with catchy melodies and sing-alongs.
The band focuses a lot in their lyrics, that deal with the animal / earth / human liberation, the straight edge movement, the Zapatistas struggle, anti-capitalism and the hardcore scene. The lyrics are accompanied by well written explanations fueled with a philosophical exploration on everyday life's reality.
Unfortunately, the band broke up some months ago. The veg(etari)an / sXe hardcore scene will deeply miss them.