Killing The Dream
Fractures CD
Deathwish Inc.
'We walk in circles, we love in circles, we talk in circles, we live in circles. I can't live like this, I can't live like this. I can't keep living this. I can't keep living this again'...
A Deathwish record can't be a bad record; actually it can't even be something less than a masterpiece. Consequently, the 3nd Killing The Dream full length album is a blast.
Drawing influences from modern hardcore pioneers like Bane and Comeback Kid, while showing tons of respect to legends like Unbroken and American Nightmare, they manage to maintain a unique and fresh sound after all.
'Fractures' includes 12 songs fueled with desperation, passion & emotions. There's a dark atmosphere and the lyrics contribute to this, as well.
'You're all welcome' features guest vocals by Rob Sullivan of Ruiner fame.
The artwork is fucking awesome once again; go download the wallpaper from Deathwish's site and put it in your desktop immediately! Jacob Bannon (Converge) is responsible for it, as you may have already guessed.
Distributed in Greece by Venerate Industries. You can purchase copies from our distro, as well.
I don't think they'll visit our country anytime soon, though...