Fat Ass & Alea Jacta Est
split CD 2008
Nothing But A Beatdown | Deadlight Entertainment |
Useless Pride |Death Wish Team

This is a cool split that my friend Steos True To The Game Records (www.myspace.com/aristeos) gave to me for free during a gig last spring (I think it was it during the Out Of Step gig...).
Well, not to be arrogant but I can claim that I am the one that firstly presented Alea Jacta Est in the greek hardcore scene. I distributed their first demo 2 years ago and since then I'm happy to see a couple of kids wearing AJE t-shirts and a bunch of others listening to their tunes. A nice guy from Corfu (Psycorepaths fame) did an interview with them almost a year ago for Keep It Real no.9, but it seems that it won't ever be published since Keep It Real's hibernation is neverending, haha (expect a new issue sometime, though...)!
So, this split was released by 4 labels, 3 from France and one from Spain (Death Wish Team; nothing to do with the US one actually).
Both bands are from France, as well.
First of, we have Alea Jacta Est delivering 5 songs + an intro (with spoken words by Fat Ass's singer). The band delivers brutal hardcore with a tight production and well structured song writing. There are guest vocals in almost all the songs; by Eric - 8 Control, John - Da Red Head, Michel - Another Bleeding Season and Jo - South Impact. What I like the most is their lyrics; even if the bands seems at first sight to be a tough guy / macho hardcore band, their lyrics prove the opposite. The song 'Patriota' really rules. If you like Hatebreed, Earth Crisis and metallic hardcore with beatdowns and stuff in general, then Alea Jacta Est is for you! They have improved a lot since their demo, by the way...
On the other side (no, it's not an LP, so may I say from song no.7 and on?!) we have Fat Ass. I thought that this band was straight edge, but I realised that I was wrong (or they broke edge, I don't know). The guys play negative hardcore with lyrics fueled with hatred and violence. Sorry, but I'm not into this style at all and I do not like lyrics like 'rape you, your friends and all your family too | for the love of human flesh | fist fuck your dreams | your life is neurotic'. This is not for me, 100%. Nevertheless, their music is not that bad. Every song has its beatdown and slow part for you to violent dance and kick the air, so if you are into that kind of stuff you'll like them. Think something between Death Before Dishonor, Shattered Realm and Kickback with a bit of deathcore added.
That's all, yo!
Ah! The artwork is soooo nice!

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