The Break
Our point of view CD
Alliance Records | Rebirth Records
The Break was a band from south Italy that did exist for just a couple of years playing modern yet old school hardcore music with a positive attitude.
'Our point of view' CD is their first proper release (they've also a demo out) and includes 8 songs of melodic and passionate hardcore in the vein of Champion, Comeback Kid, The First Step & Verse, while drawing influences by the late 80s / early 90s american scene and bands like Chain Of Strength.
I really like the voice of singer, that is deep and emotional!
Moreover, the whole production is rad and the artwork is cool as well. The cover with the surveillance cameras around a house demonstrates that we have entered the 'Big Brother' era.
The Break 'broke' up some months ago. They managed to play 3 gigs in Greece, before doing this! That tape that was about to be released by our label never happened, though...