Bag A Head
s/t MCD
Trailblazer Records
Bag A Head were formed in Chalkida, Greece, in 2001 by 3 local friends under the name Under Concrete. Being a bit inactive for many years, they managed to form a solid line up around 2005-2007 with the addition of Econe, ex-member of Unbreakable Circle and Cry For An Answer, and Marios (also active in Extreme Violence, Snapshot and Angstridden).
Their first, self-titled, MCD was released by Trailblazer Records (that has also put out records for For What Is Worth, B.L.E.E.D. and Lucky Funeral, among others) around a year ago.
'Bag A Head' includes 5 songs of extreme music varying from death metal and grind to hardcore.
I must say that the first song is the most unique of the MCD, featuring a great melodic post-hardcore part. 'Smash the masks' is cool, too, though!
There are guest vocals by Manthos / Tardive Dyskinesia in one song, if you care about credits and trivia.
The packaging is cool too, even if the Bag A Head logo is a fucking Heaven Shall Burn logo rip off, haha! I don't know why all the current metalcore bands use the same font style for their logos...
Anyway, Helvetica font rules, so extra points for using it in the booklet!
Bag A Head will play with The Hope Conspiracy on January 10th, 2010. Be prepared.