Illusion MCD
Indelirium Records
Startoday's 'Illusion' is one of the latest releases put out from Indelirium Records, one of the most hardworking labels of Italy, run by nice guys, with Ivan | Straight Opposition among them.
So, Startoday (I'd prefer it if it was Start Today; Gorila Biscuits as hell!) are from Italy, as well and this 6-song MCD is their first release ever (they exist for 2 years now).
Their style is melodic punk rock / hardcore in the vein of Strike Anywhere with a Comeback Kid vs Satanic Surfers touch.
Nothing groundbreaking at all, but it seems that the guys are sincere and dedicated to their music. By the way, they are on tour in Europe, right now, check them out if they play your city.
But after all, song no.3 is an anthem, so the MCD deserves a nice review even for that one particular song!
The cover rules, too!
I'll be looking forward to hearing news from those kids.
The album is distributed in Japan by Fast Circle Records, as well.
Italy's punk rock scene is growing better & bigger day after day and that's definitely cool!