FLUFF '09 / 10th edition
Photo Exhibition pt.1
by danai | icon
1oth edition.
European hardcore summer camp.
24th, 25th & 26th July 2009.
Rokycany, near Plzen, Czech Republic.
Quote from Fluff's myspace:
'We don't need to write what hardcore means and why we've dedicated our lives to it. I believe we all feel the same way about it. We all live our daily dream in some godforsaken place a long way from other people who feel the same, and that's why we decided to organise at least one weekend a year where we have the chance to meet up with the rest of the black sheep of this world, to build up a hardcore town for at least those 3 days.'
Those 3 days, Danai & me travelled to Czech Republic to witness with our own senses the awesomeness of a Do It Yourself hardcore fest.