The Brightly Shining Sea
s/t MCD
self - released
The Brightly Shining Sea is surely a weird name for a band...
The first time I got this CD in my hands, immediately occured my mind that this band's music is definitely 'weird', too. I mean, their self - titled first MCD is not your average record, no matter if the music is metal or hardcore.
It's a unique record, like it or not.
Combining elements from post-hardcore and experimental metal music and from progressive rock to Tool-ish style, they manage to create an uncompromising sound of un-easy listening music and mind provoking structures. Neurosis, Tool, Isis, Mastodon and Faith No More are stated in their 'influences list', for those who care about such things.
The vocals (by Dimitris a.k.a. Spoonman, also in Earth Of Distrust) range from melodic to growling ones, and from screaming to rap, while the lyrics are poetic enough to make wannabe poets throw away their old expensive typewriter.
I really like the artwork, too, it's a hand made painting that fits a lot with the band's name.
Get this for just 3 euros either from our distro or Rhythm Records.