Stop Talking
'Oppression' CD
Indelirium Records
To be honest, I still have bad memories from Stop Talking... They were about to play last year's Positively Positive Hardcore Fest and cancelled their appearance around 3 weeks before the show, so I had to work my ass out to find a replacement (that never found) and change the posters, make new flyers etc... Anyway, shit happens!
So, here we are... The first Stop Talking full length is eventually out by Indelirium Records.
Before diving deep into 'Oppression', it's time for some trivia.
If I am right, Stop Talking consists of ex-member of All True (great Italian band that has called it quits, they have a split CD with Think About and for those who care there's a copy left in our distro), but I'm not sure, so maybe this trivia is nonsense, haha.
Moreover, Stop Talking have also an EP out, released by xCrossfirex Records.
And last but not least, they were interviewed for The Edge fanzine issue #0 (the first and only attempt for a straight edge publication in Greece, unfortunately issue #1 never came out).
Enough with the trivia! Back to 'Oppression'.
Well, the band seems more mature than ever, demonstrating this in the 10 songs (an intro and an instrumental one included). The music is passionate and melodic hardcore, bringing in mind other italian hardcore bands like No More Fear, Values Intact and The Miracle, while paying respect to classics like Count Me Out and American Nightmare.
Nothing ground-breaking, but a cool record to listen, for sure!
Stop Talking have the potential to become bigger, if they work hard.
What I like the most are the lyrics, that are very passionate and emotional.
Moreover, the artwork kicks ass!
Check this album out if you wanna listen to some heartfelt hardcore music.

'It's raining cold while my eyes are still crying, someone says that sun can burn and make you blind, but i'm striving in the darkness for the light'.