'Black eyes & broken bones' CD
Respond With Passion Records
I have this CD lying on my office since last summer for sure...
A big sorry to Cobretti and Respond With Passion Records for that huuuge delay, but as I've written a whole bunch of times in the past 'better late than never'!
Cobretti is a 6-year old band from Koln/Mulheim, Germany and this is their 2nd full length album (the first one was released by Good Boys Records back in 2005).
If you are a fan of melodic hardcore / punk music, then YOU HAVE to listen to this CD, because Cobretti is melodic as hell, passionate as heaven and catchy as both Jesus & Satan.
If you think that I'm exaggerating go buy the new Comeback Kid live record, you deserve it asshole. When the fuck will we start (especially in Greece) to believe in the underground hardcore/punk scene? Hardcore/punk is firstly and above all fucking underground dude/tte...
Cobretti deliver 9 songs of passion, energy and heartful tunes, if you are not satisfied with this, we don't fucking give a goddamn shit.
The font of the band's logo is an Iron Maiden replica, while there's a hidden song that would make AC/DC play hardcore shows. So, extra points.
Respond With Passion Records have also released a bunch of cool records, including Bleed Into One & To Kill vinyls; I'm sending them an email right now to distribute those releases in Greece. You have to get them. Be serious.

P.S. Pablo / Deny Everything does guest vocals in the song 'Expecting Payday'. Go google Deny Everything, they are better than what you are listening right now.