The Coming Fall
Rifugi MCD
Alliance | Give Blood | Sums Records
One more review for a band that broke up...
After 4 years of activity, South Switzerland's The Coming Fall decided to call it quits a couple of months ago...
At least, they did not leave without a trace. 'Rifugi' MCD is their mark in today's hardcore scene. The record, that was released by Alliance Records (also responsible for The Break & Waiting For Better Days releases) with the collaboration of a couple of more labels (among them, Sums Records from Switzerland, that recently released the 'Pull the plug' 7" by Antillectual), starts with a haunting yet melodic 3,30 minutes instrumental song, an introduction to the modern hardcore holocaust that follows.
The other 4 songs are typical modern old school hardcore / punk rock ones, in the vein of Champion, Comeback Kid and the Bane. The lyrics are in Italian language and as I got informed they are kinda poetic.
I really like the cover; it seems that recently the covers featuring photos of clouds are my favorite ones, hehe!