Cold World
Dedicated to babies who came feet first CD
Deathwish Inc.
Here we have one of the best releases of 2009!
The new Cold World record (their first full length for Deathwish) is rad dude/tte!
Strong as fuck combining the hardcore urge with metal / crossover elements and hip hop catchiness, 'Dedicated...' reminds me of Life Of Agony and the mighty Biohazard (that used to be one of my favorite bands in the past). Billy Graziadei (Biohazard riff master) producing and mixing the whole record, adds extra points to the release.
The intro / outro and interludes that are spread among the hardcore songs manage to maintain the Cold World sound fresh and not boring at all.
There are guest vocals by George | Blacklisted and Title Fight (new promising band), as well.
The artwork, that features Michael S. Rifkin's and Melissa Farley's awesome photographs and J.Bannon's (Converge) design, fits the whole urban style represented in the music & lyrics section and creates a very cool optical result that comes in a digipack case.
The self-titled track is definitely the hit of the record, while 'No Angels' and 'How Deep' are so fucking Biohazard-ish that all the Biohazard fans will love 'em.
Maybe the best record to listen in your i-pod while travelling by train from the suburbs to the city's center.

P.S. Cold World just released a split 7" along with Strength For A Reason. Some Cold World members play in Frostbite as well, they released a 7" some time ago.