'In Harm's way' 12"
Street Justice Records
Backfire! called it quits a couple of months ago. They actually played their last 2 shows in Antwerp and Conne Island on 13th and 14th November.
After 15 hardcore years, here's the end of the best European hardcore band of all times. They will be sadly missed, for sure, even though they managed to give everything for the scene through all these years. Since their first release ever (from Lost & Found) 'Who told you life is easy?' till 'In Harm's way' that was released in 2008, Backfire! remained sincere, dedicated, hardcore.
'In Harm's way' was lying on my record shelf since last year without getting a review and without being mentioned by our blog till now... It's actually the 5th full length album of the band, released 5 years after their all time classic 'Change the game'.
The record kicks off with urge via 'Pushing my limits away' and 32 minutes later ends with a bang; an Integrity 'Systems Overload' cover, that is.
Through all the 12 songs of the record, we enjoy the same old school hardcore music meets NYHC elements that established Backfire! in the European hardcore throne.
2 songs feature guest vocals by Dries The Setup and Stephen Kickback.
The cover and layout artwork are cool, too, even though they are not my cup of tea.
My vinyl is colored and limited to 333 copies, thanks to Street Justice Records and 7inch distro (from where I bought it, haha!). CD version is available through GSR Music.

'This is our game and it's not over yet. There's so much to come still good times ahead. This is our thing and it's still worth fighting for. This is what we are. Hardcore ...and nothing more'

P.S. This review is dedicated to Ritchie Backfire, the original drummer of the band, that took his own life on March 20th, 1999. Rest in peace.