Reaching Hand
'Threshold' 7"
Chorus Of One | Substance | Uri Geller
'Close your eyes and play through the pain, there's a new threshold, a light beyond the bane'.
Portugal is a well known country for its dedicated posi - hardcore / punk scene (Broken Distance, Pointing Finger, Wake Up & Live fanzine). Reaching Hand were formed in the summer of 2007 and prove this statement right. They are into melodic & emotional Have Heart-ish modern hardcore, but strongly influenced by the youth crew movement and bands like Carry On and In My Eyes, too.
The band is girl-fronted and I can figure out that Sofia's crucial voice can be described as a mixture of a not too brutal Walls Of Jericho's Candace's and All For Nothing's Cindy's vocals.
Pretty good!
Reaching Hand just signed in the legendary Thorp Records based in Pennsylvania, USA, and home of bands like Sheer Terror, Madball, Ramallah, North Side Kings, Awkard Thought and the likes.
Watch out for those 3 guys and 1 girl, they are gonna be huge sooner or later.

The 7" features an amazing design by Lexi | Desperate Days designworks (www.desperatedays.com), fueled with great photos by Burkhard Muller (www.facetheshow.com) and Patrick Hartung (www.breakthroughphotography.de). The vinyl has a splattered grey color with colored label, as well.

A must have one!