'The quiet dance' 12"
Refuse Records
Anchor is the most hard-working Swedish hardcore band nowadays, formed by ex-members of well established bands like Damage Control, Set My Path, Another Year and Smackdown!
They have already put out a bunch of releases varying from their first MCD / 7" called 'Captivity Songs' to this LP (released in Europe by Refuse Records and in USA by xCatalystx Records in CD format) and toured Europe and The States a lot of times since their formation that took place 3 years ago.
'The Quiet Dance' includes 10 songs of passionate 90s style vegan / straight edge hardcore with a lot of political references.
Actually, Anchor is a band that isn't just about the music aspect, but they care about society, politics and the exploitation / torture that animals suffer from the people, too. Achor care about compassion and solidarity, as well.
They are here to provoke, as they state in their website.
If you wanna find some musical influences you have to search deep in the 90s hardcore movement and bands like Strife, Unbroken, Trial, Snapcase and Point Of No Return.
But Anchor have that authentic style that makes their music / lyrics so unique, so you better listen to their songs instead of continue reading this review.