The Smashrooms
'The wind of tomorrow' 7"
Epidemic Records
'Be the change you wish to see in the world' - Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869-1948)

The Smashrooms is a special band for me, as World's Appreciated Kitsch Records co-produced their first full length called 'Rest In War' back in 2007.
I'm glad to figure out that the band has improved a lot since then and has become mature.
They shaped their own style and broadened their musical horizons.
I actually met Gab (vocalist/guitarist for The Smashrooms and Epidemic Records owner) during Fluff Fest last July, after years of contacting each other via e-mails & proper mail, we finally met face to face!
So, first things first. The Smashrooms come from Brescia, Italy, and consists of 3 guys that play passionate and intense political charged hardcore, mixing old school hardcore with a modern approach.
I'm not in the mood of comparing them to other bands... or to be honest, I cannot find any band names to relate The Smashrooms with, to be honest! So, that means they are unique? Go figure out yourself jerk!
What stands out is the lyrics that definitely prove that The Smashrooms are not in it just for the music. As they state in the cover inlay 'We think that hardcore needs to bring outspoken politics back as a primary value'. Their lyrics deal with issues like society, anti-drugs and animal rights
The production of the record is rad, but I think that the vocals are too high in the recording and I advice Gab (the vocalist) to improve his english accent a bit, no offense!
I really like the artwork (printed in 100% recycled paper) that was made by Lexi | Death And Taxes Designworks (www.myspace.com/deathntaxesdesignworks).
All in all, a very nice hardcore record. Purchase it from our distro, of course!