A reply to
The Smashrooms
Hi everybody,
Here's Gab of The Smashrooms.
First of all, thanks to Apostolis at W.A.K. for the kind words expressed in this review, and thanks to all those people reading it!
Apostolis gave us the possibility to write a comment about the review.
In order to prevent any misunderstanding, we felt like we had to bring some light onto some topics in this review.

“Different Paths” doesn't deal with any “anti-drug” issue. It's simpy about the situations you can find in some circles, where some political practice and rebellion acts are supposed to be.
We've noticed that in some of these “enviroments” the effects of the practice and rebellion above are nullified or reduced, in favour of the need of escapism, through the use (and abuse) of some substances.
Being close to political circles, we wanted to explain our point of view. We think that there's a big contradiction in fighting for freedom and being dependent from some substance to feel better or have fun. Being totally high and out of reality is not the path to go for people's liberation. Beside that, we think that personal freedom stases that everyone can live his own choices (but it should be in the respect of the others).

“The Cage” deals with the concept of “cage”. In our days we find cages in everything. Cages are for animals, for people, for ideas, for emotions, for feelings, for thoughts, for sexuality... The cage is everywhere.
So, even if caring about the animal liberation issue, we don't want to express only that concept in our song “The Cage”.
Then, it would be better to be cautious with the expression “animal rights”. The term “right” implicates the presence of a superior authority to give that right itself. That authority can't be the humyn being, because that would bring with it the subordination of animals to humyns.
If we have to talk about a “right”, it's a natural right, to live, according to nature, but it's an implicit right.
The word “right” opens a ticklish question, but we don't have to face it here.
I know this could seem too much in phylosophy, and in my opinion it's better to stay “with the feet on the ground”, but I felt I had to give an opinion on it.

Said that, thanks very much again to our friend Apostolis, his support means a lot to us and giving us the opportunity to say something about it means that hardcore is still about communication and not just a way to play music.

Thanks for reading!

Gab // The Smashrooms