Brutality Will Prevail
'Forgotten soul' 12"
Dead End Records
'Alone again, cold and scared. Trapped in the dark, key thrown away. No one cares if you were to die. Forgotten life, forgotten soul. You're giving up again, it cannot be too late. Death will catch up with you in the end. I'll be there when you fail. Only dilussions in your eyes, to take you away. Your promises were never kept. Time to face what you set' (lyrics of 'Forgotten soul')

This is probably not a posi - hardcore record that you'll make you dance 2-step & sing-along while wearing your nike air max shoes and drinking proudly your -responsible for the death and exploitation of millions- coke.
Fuck it! This is depressive & dark hardcore music with melancholic yet melodic guitar melodies and lyrics to blacken your heart.
When I got the vinyls from my friend that owns Dead End Records, the first thought that occured my mind was that I was going to love that 12". Awesome, eye-catching cover and insert, plus a fucking amazing splattered colored vinyl (seafoam green with red swirl). I'm including the website of the guy that did that great illustration (Sin-Eater Illustration) in the links below.
So, that LP is fucking good. Fans of Integrity / Holy Terror movement, Rise & Fall and Trap Them will really love this. Tight production, great vocals, fantastic guitar riffs (that sometimes are post-hc-ish enough to make you reconsider the term 'post-hc') and strong rhythm section / double bass pedal.
Wait, wait... Believe me, this is a fucking cool record. Get it now, or on Friday night during the NTB show in Athens, I'll carry a bunch of copies in WAK distro.

P.S. I just decided to review only vinyls till the end of the year, with the exception of some amazing Deathwish and Refuse Records releases that are waiting for me patiently in the records' shelf. I figured out that there is a huge pile of 12"s and 7"s that wait to be reviewed since last year, so I have to concetrate on them. After all, CD is a fucking piece of plastic that sucks a lot.