Death Is Not Glamorous
'Soft clicks' 12" / tape
Dead & Gone / Quite Still Dead
'Soft clicks' is one of those albums that when the needle of the record player touches the tight vinyl, a huge smile is drawn in your pissed off face!
Positive music for positive -and not so positive-people, ladies and gentlemen!
Death Is Not Glamorous come from the cold city of Oslo, Norway, and in spite of the fact that they live so far from the mainland Europe, they have managed to establish a great name in the worldwide scene, by constantly touring (both Europe & The States) and putting out awesome releases!
They play melodic hardcore / punk rock and not black metal or crusty crust punk as you might have imagined concerning their origin!
DING have released 4 7"s (2 of them as splits with Another Year and Down & Outs), a discography EP, a self-titled EP and this fucking amazing record in LP, CD and tape format so far. The first edition of the LP was sold out in minutes, so here we have the 2nd press of the LP (on yellow transparent vinyl) to review for you, plus the tape release (that Quite Still Dead label from Malaysia took care of) which looks mindblowing, as well.
The record includes 13 songs of melodic music, catchy tunes, positive lyrics and great vocals!
Death Is Not Glamorous are strongly influenced by bands like Lifetime, Kid Dynamite, New Found Glory, Shelter and Dag Nasty, for those who care!
Get this vinyl wherever you find it, or else buy the tape from your favorite distro (that means ours!).

P.S. Check out: www.thisquietplace.com / the guy responsible for that amazing photo featured in the inlay of the record.