Death Is Not Glamorous
Interview series vol.I

We decided to put online some interviews that were conducted for Keep It Real issue no.9 that never came out... So, there is a bunch of interviews (like 3 or 4) remaining stagnant in a fucking doc file saved in my laptop, and I really wanna share them with you… Those interviews nostalgically remind me of how fucking amazing was to put out a fucking paper fanzine. You cannot believe me unless you try it. I know that reading a hardcore interview in front of your PC screen is way too silly and nonsense but…whatever… Unfortunately, Keep It Real fanzine is defunct since the summer of 2008, but we’ll fucking release a new issue some time in the first half of 2010, yeah we’ll fucking do it. Till then enjoy some interviews.

We start with Death Is Not Glamorous from Oslo, Norway.

Interview conducted around mid November 2008.

Q’s by Apostolis.

A’s by Espen, Christian and Terje.

Hey Oslo mates! How’s the weather in Norway?!
E: After working nights for two weeks straight, I wouldn't really know. It's cold and dark by the time I get up to go to work. There are some mornings where I catch a glimmer of sunlight when I'm leaving work, though.

Death Is Not Glamorous, both a weird and amazing band name. How did you come up to this? May you provide us with a short story of what have happened since your formation in 2004?
E: Embrace is a weird and amazing band. We have them to thank for the name. Christian was humming that song (No More Pain) as him, Even and I were leaving a movie theater, and Even (ever the observant observer) said "Hey, that's a pretty good band name!" and that's pretty much it. It may be a bit cumbersome, but it sure beats Arrows to the Action or whatever.

T: We played some local shows and released a demo later that year, which got a lot of attention. This was around the Kid Dynamite and Lifetime reunion shows, and kids all over were really into melodic hardcore. I guess there was a wave, and we were riding on it. We released a 7” on D&G called Undercurrents, and was touring in Europe and USA quite a lot in 06-07. The past year we’ve slowed down on the touring and finally managed to release a full length – ‘Soft Clicks’ – on D&G/Blacktop/Run For Cover. I’m really happy about how it turned out and can’t wait for playing these songs live. “We play live.”

C: Uh, Arrows to the Action is a great name. Just sayin'.

I describe your music as really positive & melodic hardcore / punk rock. You guys seem to love Shelter, H2O & Lifetime, right?! What other bands you dig and where do you get your inspiration from in order to write such positive lyrics?

T:To be honest, I’m not that stoked about Shelter and H2O. When I was in high school, there was this clothing brand called H2O which pretty much made it impossible to wear merch from the band, at least if you wanted to maintain a certain punk rock attitude. All the handball girls were into H2O hats and flip flops... Shelter is too religious for an atheist like me. But yeah – Lifetime is one of my favorite bands. Even though we’re a new band, we’re old guys, so I was starting to get into hardcore in ’95 when ‘Hello Bastards’ dropped. That LP and their ‘Tinnitus’ 7” was the high school soundtrack for me, and I’m still going off to those songs.

C: I hadn't listened to Lifetime since the newest record came out until yesterday, when I rediscovered that everything from 'Background' (their best record!) to the new shit is gold. I like some Shelter stuff, but never got into them... Have never heard H2O I think. We are all into a variety of different music, obviously; recently I've been jamming Lucero, the new Shook Ones songs, the new Integrity EP, the new Common Cause LP (check it!), Catharsis, Gus Black, and 7 Seconds. Otherwise, summer, swimming, ambitious lego constructions, jumping off cliffs, riding bikes, hanging out, long days, long nights, triceratops's; life, love, no regret.

Your new record is about to be released (the time you read this it may have already been released) via the UK hardcore label Dead And Gone Records. Can you give us some more info about it? I just listened to the song previews on your myspace and went nuts with ‘em!
T: Dead And Gone that is. But yeah, the record is out before Christmas, and is filled with cheap melodies, fast beats and good vibes. “Same songs – new song titles.”

E: I don't completely agree with that, but I can assure you that we're still the same band, and none of us has gotten noticeably better at what we do. We haven't really grown as musicians or anything (or maybe we have, who can tell?). I think it's safe to say that you'll find our slowest song (and perhaps the fastest) on this record. Recording it was a joy, and playing the songs live is really fun, so hopefully you'll enjoy it.

C: Glad you liked it. I think Espen has gotten better! I am siked to be done with the LP stuff, as we've had those songs for a while and it's nice to get 'em out. Bring on the next set!

You are a really hard – working band, playing constantly shows all over the globe and putting out quality releases. Where did you find all this energy?
E: Touring and being a band is so much more fun than not touring and not being a band, so it's really easy to want to keep doing this.

C: Word.

T: I’d rather ask myself how people can find energy to be stuck at work all day for 50 years... Touring is not hard – and bands who tell you that are lying. You get food, a place to stay, and meet a lot of nice people, what more can you ask for?

What’s going on in the Oslo scene? Any quality bands we have to check out? Any metalheads still burning churches there?!!!
E: There haven't been any churches ablaze recently. Even is slacking off. Expect big things in 09.

T: Not that many new bands... Common Cause is still going strong, check out their new LP!

By the way, what’s your opinion about organized religion? I know it’s an odd question, but fuck, I’m the interviewer and I will ask what I want!!!
E: Not a fan.

T: I’m not a religious person myself, but of course people can believe whatever they want. Actually, I’m employed by a religious organization called “The City Mission”, where I work with drug addicts and alcoholics in my city. This organization stands up for the unprivileged in our society, both when it comes to individuals, but is also taking poverty and the lack of welfare to a political level here in Norway. So I guess that even religion can be used as a positive force.

What’s the first thought that occurs your mind when you read the following words:
a) Straight edge...
T:...is cool. True till death.

E: Flex Your Head.

C: Reasons, not rules

b) Rosenborg FC
E: Ugh

T: Um

C: What

c) Summer
E: Best season. Swimming is fun.

C: Swimming.

T: Nude beaches.

d) Avril Lavigne?
T: Grade is better. Separate the magnets.

E: Complicated is such a great song.

C: Guy from Grade

Now that Obama became the president of the United States of America, do you believe that the world politics will change or not? Do you care about politics at all?
C: I voted for Obama in this election (I am an American citizen as well as a Norwegian one), despite not being 'for' Obama - two party politics is a fucking shame, but I can't stand McCain / Palin. I have direct and unresolvable ideological conflicts with a lot of what Obama stands for (the death penalty, opposing gay marriage, the perpetuation of the status quo, interventionism (this is all about oil), claiming 'change' while shying away from it). I was still, however, siked to see him win this shit and become president. Two sides of the same coin, maybe, but also a considerable step for a country that has had 43 rich, white, upper class men as presidents until now. I think that the world politics will change regardless as the end draws nearer, but I don't know that the current trends that are sending us towards a bitter fucking end are going to be reversed by anything as meaningless as the Democrats being in charge instead of the Republicans. In American politics, I stand pretty much with Ralph Nader on most issues. Shit is fucked up. Listen to Trial.

T: Obama or McCain – same right wing shit in my eyes. Remember that the Clinton administration was dropping bombs on Iraq as well...

You have to come to Greece one day, and you’ll definitely come sooner or later… Thank you for the intie, it was my pleasure!
T: Thanks for the invitation! I hope we can play in Greece sometime in ’09, see you then!

C: Thank YOU. We would fucking love to come to Greece! I've never been there, and by all accounts it seems amazing. Our new LP! Our new LP is out in December, you can pre-order that shit now from Dead & Gone Records or wait til December for someone to leak it to the 'net.
Regardless, check it out!.
photos taken from DING myspace.
as far as i figure out the first is from Fluff fest 2009,
the second one is taken by xJanx
and the 3rd by Face The Show.