Young Ones
'Absence of reason' 12"
The Greatest Records
The Greatest Records is a young D.I.Y. label based in Sweden and they have already managed to release 4 awesome records, only in vinyl format featuring amazing layout and cover art.
Young Ones' 'Absence of reason' 12" is the latest release of The Greatest Records and the band's debut full length album, including 10 songs of passionate, straight - forward 'modern' hardcore music.
Melodic guitar riffs, mid - tempo parts, desperate vocals and songs about love, passion, animal rights and the hardcore scene, all included.
Fans of Bane, Have Heart, Gold Kids and Defeater will love them.
Young Ones is a young band, too. They are from Gothenburg and they exist a year or so. They toured Europe for a week last September, just after 'Absence of reason' was released.

The record art is awesome, including 3 color hand screenprinted sleeve, a post office envelope featuring a paper with lyrics written in a typewriter, 2 colored vinyl (black & red), plus a code to download this in mp3 format. You can find the same code if you visit their myspace and download their release for free!
I dunno what else to write.
This record is definitely one of my favorites for 2009.