'Live and learn' 12"
Powered Records
Justice was one of the best European hardcore bands ever. Stop.
2003-2008; 2 full lengths, several EPs, releases on various labels, hundreds of shows around the world. Stop.
Justice did everything a sincere hardcore band can do. Stop.

'Live and learn' is the last Justice release ever, firstly available on 8th March 2008, at the final Justice show in Belgium, along with Blacklisted, True Colors, Dirty Money, Hoods X Up and Seed Of Pain.
'Live and learn' includes 5 songs of heartfelt rocking music influenced by old time classics Underdog, Supertouch and Bad Brains. This release walks the same path that their 2nd full length album 'Escapades' walked. Do not expect to hear hardcore music the way you mean it. Neither beatdowns and tough guy lyrics nor youth crew cliches and true till death statements.
Justice was all about sincerity & passion. You can call it rock, you can call it hardcore / punk, you can call it indie, you can call it however you want. It's simply Justice.

Watch out for the new bands that feature Justice members; Loud and Clear & Rhythm To The Madness. Filip (vocals) also runs an amazing record label called Powered Records, responsible for awesome records of Common Cause, Lion Of Judah, On, True Colors, Loud And Clear, Union Town and Justice.

I never saw Justice playing live. I still remember consistently asking them to play in Greece. We had almost booked it just before they called it quits; it never happened. I still remember interviewing them for an old Keep It Real fanzine. Enough. Justice will be sadly missed.