's/t' MCD
Self X True Records
'We look into tomorrow with hope'...
It seems that the Russian label Self X True Records is building a strong vegan / straight edge hardcore scene in the Eastern Europe. There is a bunch of hardcore bands like Aspire, High Hopes, Verdict etc. that are trying to revive the 90s new school hardcore movement, and that's fucking awesome!
Ukraine is a country not so famous for its hardcore / punk scene, especially when it comes in socio-political, vegan, 90s hardcore bands, like Aspire.
Their first MCD includes 6 songs of well played new school straight edge hardcore in the vein of Strife, Chokehold, Morning Again, Unbroken and the likes. Moreover, there's a huge 108 influence in their guitar riffs and whole atmosphere.
Song no.6 features countless minutes with the sound of the waves and the sea, how serene!
Aspire (what a great band name!) sing in their native language, but the booklet features translations in english.
Even the artwork is 90s inspired, I love this!
Go check them out now!

P.S. Self X True Records is about to release a discography CD of Inner Dam, a great mid 90s band from New York and I'm fucking psyched about this because Inner Dam was a huge inspiration for me when I discovered them 5-6 years ago...