Human Demise / Worth The Pain
'split' 7"
WTF | Poolside | Thugfree | Words Are Weapons
I follow Human Demise since their first demo back in 2004, so it was a great surprise to receive this 7" in my mailbox since I hadn't heard from them since 2-3 years...
Nevertheless, the split kicks off with an intro before Human Demise unleashes their Clevo style hardcore in the vein of Holy Terror scene. To be honest, their previous releases weren't too much into this scene, but a bit more in the European HC style with NYHC influences, but this evolution is way too awesome because Human Demise seem to be more mature than ever! So, here we have 2 songs of well structured music with screaming (with agony) vocals and a strong rhythm section. If you are into bands like Ringworm, Integrity and Strife, you'll love this! They just released a new record and I'm waiting to get it impatiently!
Side B features Worth The Pain, a band from Finland! So, WTP offer 2 songs of brutal hardcore music in the vein of Sworn Enemy and Earth Crisis. When it comes down to Finnish brutal hardcore scene you know what to expect! If you have listened to bands like Down My Throat, End Begins, Bolt and St.Hood before, you know that the Finnish heavy hardcore scene has something unique. It's tough but in a good manner and may I say fresh? Anyway, Worth The Pain deserves your attention for sure, they know the game and they play it well!
One piece of a nice split vinyl that you can purchase from our distro, of course!