Still Screaming
'Reality ain't the truth' 7"
WTF Records
I still remember that awesome Brightside show in Thessaloniki, along with Biohazard, back in 2002... They blowed me away, and I dare to say that their show was more intense and ground-breaking for me than the Biohazard's one. Brightside was a great band from Kassel, Germany, that existed from 1992 to 2005, released 3 albums, a split 7" with the legendary band Unbroken and a cover MCD dedicated to Henry Rollins' State Of Alert band.
But why I mention Brightside and tell you all this trivia?
Just because Dennis, former Brightside vocalist, plays in Still Screaming along with some ex-members from Skyz The Limit and Point Break!
And yeah, Still Screaming is a brand new hardcore band, reminiscent of the good ol' days and influenced from bands like Brightside, Ryker's, Blood For Blood and the likes, but with a modern approach that sometimes reminds me a little bit of Cold World and Down To Nothing.
The guys mean exactly what they do and what they stand for is just one word 'hardcore'!
'Have you ever felt this flame in your heart, have you ever seen this beautiful light in the dark, have you ever had this magic moment of truth, welcome to the club - this is the spirit of youth' quote from song 'Hardcore'.
Some of you may not like the 2nd vocalist's way of singing, but get used to it!
There's a Warzone cover, too, for the song 'Free At Last'. You want more?
Ah! And the cover artwork is done by the mighty Spoiler (www.spoilerart.com), who has done designs for Justice, Cro-Mags, Loud & Clear, True Colors, Deadstop, Pulling Teeth and Slumlords, among tens of others! He is a cool photographer too, so go check out his work!
And last but not least, the vinyl is fucking colored, green with black splattered inside.
And the packaging is gatefold. What else do I have to include in this review to persuade you to buy this 7" right now?!!!