Rise & Fall
'Our circle is vicious' CD/LP
Deathwish Inc.
Four years since the release of 'Into Oblivion', Rise & Fall unleash their new opus called 'Our circle is vicious'. I have been waiting for this since last summer when I firstly heard the rumors that R&F were recording a new album in Kurt Balou's Godcity Studios in Salem, Massachusets.
This is actually their 2nd full length album for Deathwish and the 3rd in total ('Hellmouth' was released by Join The Team Player back in the days...), and I dare to say, yeah I can assure you, their best album till now.
Basically, is a kind of a masterpiece. Yeah.
From the opening track 'Soul Slayer' to the last one 'Knowing', every chord in this record is fucking fantastic. It's amazing. Emotional as hell. Awesome.
Technical riffs meet Clevo style hardcore, with a lot of 'post-hc' influences, some Snapcase fill-ups and a lot of Deathwish & Converge stitches. But after all and first of all, the record is Rise & Fall. Do you know many bands nowadays that have formed a unique style that other bands try to imitate? Rise & Fall did this, maybe unintentionally but they managed to achieve it.
Since the early days, back when The Deal called it quits and the remaining members decided to form Rise & Fall, the band has worked a lot and toured constantly in Europe and overseas. You reap what you sow right? That's it. Nowadays, Rise & Fall is one of the best hardcore bands worldwide and they deserve it. Word.
'Our circle is vicious' features guest vocals by Nate Newton (Converge, Doomriders), guest percussion by Alex Rivera Garcia (American Nightmare, Give Up The Ghost) and additional percussion by Kurt Ballou (Converge).
The artwork is not the best piece of work that Jacob Bannon (Converge, Deathwish) has ever done, though. But, whatever, I like it.
21st February; Rise & Fall in a shithole near you, AN Club | Athens. Will you be there?