Government Flu
'Fuck poetics' 7"
Refuse Records
Government Flu is an 'all star' hardcore / punk band from Poland, featuring ex-members of bands like Sunrise, Daymares, Knife In The Leg, Burst In, Bold & The Beautiful, The Black Tapes and Six Pack. As you can figure out, these guys are experienced enough in order to produce a quality hardcore / punk record. And so they do!
'Fuck poetics' (what a great name!) includes 6 songs of fast, metal-free, 80s USHC, in the vein of Black Flag, No For An Answer, Negative Approach and the likes. Sometimes they may remind you of current bands like Citizen's Patrol, Strung Up, Government Warning and all the No Way Records back catalogue (check out the 'No Bullshit' compilations).
If you dig no frills - no thrills, in your face hardcore / punk music, this record is definitely for you!
They have also released a demo 7" and a kinda of discography CD that is going to be reviewed up next!
Green vinyl for the collectors' pleasure.