'Black heart' 10"
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Damien is a band from Sweden... Wait wait...
To start with something else...
Exteriorly, this release is a piece of art.
Limited edition transparent vinyl that comes in screen printed cover, while the lyrics are printed in rice-paper. There's a code that you can use to download the 3 songs in MP3 format, too.
Moreover, for the first time ever a band includes as bonus tracks their songs played backwards, how fucking 'satanic', black metal wannabes better go light a candle in your local church...
The vinyl costs just 8 euros. I'd buy this without even listening to the music, haha.
But, we're first and foremost a music blog, aren't we?
So, Damien is a band from Sweden. They play metalcore, the classic way, not something unique, since 2003 and as far as I can figure out they're well known enough in Sweden (they were elected as 'band of the month' in Sweden's biggest metal magazine called Close-Up).
If you like Walls Of Jericho and you bang your head listening to Lamb Of God and In Flames, while your oldest brother listens to Hatebreed in his ipod next to you, then Damien is for YOU!