In Cold Blood
'Suicide king' CD
Demons Run Amok
This is the soundtrack for the apocalypse.
In Cold Blood was a band from Cleveland, Ohio, that used to feature 2 Integrity members. They well represented the so-called Clevo hardcore, that bands like Integrity and Ringworm originated back in the early 90s.
They existed for only a bunch of years, released a full length album via Victory Records (called 'Hell On Earth'), a self titled 7" and then they broke up...
This CD is something like a compilation, featuring the 7" songs, plus various unreleased songs from 1998 and some live recordings from their show in Leipsig, Germany (Conne Island) in 1998. All in all 16 songs of heavy, depressing and fueled with anger and hatred hardcore, in the vein of Integrity, Discharge, Slayer and Cro-Mags.
So, there's not too much to add...
Bands like Rise & Fall and some other ones of the Deathwish roster are hugely influenced by In Cold Blood, in my opinion...
If you are into this shit, go buy this CD.
If you wanna dance and get laid, listen to pop music.
This is not for you jerk.