Dick Black
'The lion and the cheetah' CD
Funtime Distribution
'Raised on the shores of the river Demer, wasted in The Seven Oaks, lost in music. Dick Black unleashed their devils on stage all over Belgium the last couple of years. More than one hundred gigs, from Tongeren to Roeselare, from Schaarbeek to Schilde, and back. They played with The Kids, Zornik, Mitzkov, Janes Dedt, Freaky Age, The Sedan Vault...'
'A must hear for fans of very good taste! Especially in nifty rock and roll, weeping guitars and naked girls..."
Those are quotes from the press release that came along with Dick Black's CD.
To start with, as you can see above the cover features a couple of womyn's legs, right? If you unfold it you'll face the great surprise... a mini poster with 3 guys in womyn's bodies, with tits etc., sitting in a sofa. What the fuck? I was so surprised that I couldn't even laugh when I firstly saw the whole cover, haha! The other side of the poster features the same guys in womyn's bodies playing their instruments.
Dude/tte, those guys are nuts. Surely.
Musicwise, they are into powerpop / rock 'n' roll / jazzy dirty rock. They state Eagles of Death Metal, Tom Waits, Blood Brothers and Thin Lizzy among their influences. Go figure out!
This is not a hardcore or punk or whatever record, but it kicks ass, so you have to listen to it!
It's 101% better for me than another one fake mosh / beatdown / whatevercore record.
Dick Black seem to love what they do, and when sb loves what they do, they do it damn well. 101% confirmed.
Go check 'em out! You are reading WAK blog, so you are open-minded, I guess, right?
The rest can go and get a life.