'Darkness come alive' CD
Deathwish Inc.
Here we have one of the best albums that came out in 2009.
Doomriders' 2nd full length is a blast, believe me, a must have release for every open-minded friend of music in general.
And I don't exaggerate...
With a line up consisting of Nate Newton (Converge), JR Conners (Cave In), Chris Pupecki (Cast Iron Hike) and Jebb Riley (Disappearer), it's not hard to figure out that Doomriders is an 'all star' band. All 17 songs included in 'Darkness come alive' are awesome, but if I have to choose a couple of them to state as favorites, then I'd undoubtedly pick up 'Crooked Path', 'Heavy Lies The Crown' and 'Come Alive'.
The music of Doomriders do not fit in one genre, you can't call it metal, you can't call it hardcore, you can't call it anything... It's simply Doomriders. Of course, if you are into bands like Entombed, Integrity, Coliseum, Converge and even Danzig, then you follow the right path to get inside Doomriders' music.
Passionate, gigantic riffs, hell-ish growls, bombastic rhythm section; all included.
The album features amazing paintings & illustration by Thomas Hooper (www.myspace.com/thomashooper), while Ryan Patterson (Auxiliary Records, Black Cross founder) worked on the layout.