'Constanta' CD
Self X True Records
I am into early 90s vegan / straight edge heavy metallic hardcore / metal since the first days I got in touch with that powerful and fantastic movement called hardcore. Bands like Congress, Spirit Of Youth, Liar, Culture, Kindred etc. still send cold shivers down my back every time I listen to their records. All that H8000 / Belgium scene has -of course- its ups & downs, but it's amazing how bands are still influenced by it almost 2 decades later.
So, here we have Verdict, a veg(etari)an / sXe band that does not come from Belgium, but from Russia! They exist since 2004 (a short break included) and this CD is their first full length one, including 9 songs of metallic new school hardcore in the vein of Shockwave, Culture, Morning Again, Reprisal and Arkangel. You know the deal right? Ultra mosh, breakdowns, melodic guitar riffs, metallic solos, screaming vocals fueled with anger / hatred, and the usual stuff.
In other words, fucking awesome!
Verdict also cover one of the first (or maybe just the first) Russian straight edge bands called Skygrain, that used to be active in their country in the past.
The layout is really cool, in the vein of the 90s, while the booklet contains the lyrics both in Russian and English language; I forgot to write that Verdict sing in Russian.
Support this release. More Self X True Records reviews are coming up sooner or later. Among them is the new 3 way split release of the label, where Verdict also participate!