Hey hey hey!
It's been...a year (sic) since our last update, wtf?!
So, we were kinda busy with Positively Positive Hardcore Fest 3, that was cooler than ever thanks to you. Besides that, we held 2 parties, had a couple of shows with Do Something Now! and - of course - we spent some moments with family, friends & precious ones during the holiday time. That's why our blog was a bit inactive during December...
Nevertheless, there's an awesome show coming up this Saturday evening. Check out the poster made by Peio the master (www.myspace.com/peio) and join us in order to have fun but food for your brain, too! Come early please; that means around 8-8.30.
Moreover, World's Appreciated Kitsch is working on 3 new shows that will take place the next 3 months. We'll provide you some info sooner or later.
In other news, Eternal Hated completed the process of writing and mixing their first full length album called 'Secrets' (you can listen to 2 of their new songs at www.myspace.com/eternalhated), so we start the countdown for the release date that will soon be fixed.
Also, we made a simple but ok world's appreciated kitsch store on bigcartel.com, go buy some stuff, we desperately need money!!!
And last but not least... We are working on Keep It Real issue no.9, yeah it's true, no kidding... It's gonna be a blast, just be patient...!
That's all folks. See you out there.

P.S. 1: I forgot to inform you about the Urban Trash Event that will take place at Roi Mat Club after The Hope Con show next Sunday. Join the show and have a couple of drinks (alcoholic or non) with the companion of ultimate punk rock music, afterwards.
P.S. 2: Danai bought me a lomo fisheye camera and I am officially a photographer, too, from now on!