My First Failure
's/t' CD
Demons Run Amok Entertainment
'Nothing is as golden as it seems'.
This is the new (actually, the 2nd) full length album by Germany's (actually from Aschaffenburg) My First Failure, a young but actually (3rd time in a row, how bored am I?!) very promising female fronted modern hardcore band.
Break for trivia: 1st demo 'Gone for years' (2006, sold out long ago), 1st album 'The Color' (2007, Sandcastle Records).
Back to the review... So, My First Failure deliver 7 (but long lasting) creations (sic / I know it's not the right word to use here but I desperately enjoy using pompous language...) of passionate, heartfelt and emotional hardcore, with melodic riffs, some solos, huge intros, double bass drumming, screaming (not tough or growling, just screaming) female vocals (I wrote this already eh?). If you cut your veins for bands like All For Nothing, Modern Life Is World, Have Heart and a bit of 90s hardcore like Unbroken, you may like them, too.
I undoubtedly (pompous again...) like this CD, that's why I'm listening to it 4th time in a row.
I, also, dig the artwork a lot, I array the guy's site below, check it out, he is cool.
To conclude with, My First Failure is a young yet very promising modern hardcore band...
Keep an eye on them, they deserve it, believe me.