Mass Panic Kid
's/t' MCD
Flix Records
'This is awesome. Yo guys this shit rules' - Colin Mcginnis (Paint It Black, None More Black)
Mass Panic Kid is Sam Cave and Andrew Black from The Explosion, an awesome punk rock band from Boston, Massachusetts that were active from 1998 to 2007. I had the chance to watch them live in 2006 in London and I feel lucky about it because they called it quits a couple of months ago...
Nevertheless, now based in Toronto / Canada, Sam & Andrew formed Mass Panic Kid, a super duper duo that plays amazing emotional yet raw punk rock music with grunge and 90s rock stitches. They will remind you of Husker Du, Foo Fighters and the likes.
The 6-song debut MCD is available in only 500 copies and was released by the small DIY label Flix Records, originally from South Germany, now based in Vienna, Austria. They are responsible for some other cool releases like Fast Motion, Copy Of A Copy and The Static Age.
I have 2 copies in my distro and no one has bought them yet, thus I feel that people are silly and buy only major stuff... Even in the underground punk rock / hardcore scene, there's a fucking mainstream... Sad.
The CD features an awesome cover as you can see, designed by Jeff Lemire of DC comics...!