And the winner is...
Rise & Fall competition
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The Engineer Records competition is over.
2 winners (they know who they are) are about to receive their packages during the next days.
Thank you to the rest of the guys & girls that participated.
So, we launch a new competition from now till 10th February.
2 winners will get a Rise & Fall 'Our Circle Is Vicious' promo CD (it's a regular CD with a deleted barcode, not a shitty photocopied CDR, so no worries!).
But we have a question for this, in order to make you search a bit, hehe!
What's the name of the ex-band of Rise & Fall members?
They were active in Belgium and they've a split 7" with No Turning Back out.
They broke up in 2003. I'm helping you a looootttt!
Send your answers to: hxf_prodaxionz@yahoo.com