Speak Your Heart
'This is how we communicate' CD
Engineer Records
Following the 7-songs MCD 'Under these lights we are transparent', the new CD of this UK based quartet just came out by the already established label Engineer Records.
'This is how we communicate' features acousticly led, guitar driven, melodic music that draws influences from the post-hardcore, indie and emo rock scenes, and bands like Against Me, Taking Back Sunday, Alexisonfire, Dasboard Confessional and Thursday.
But it's old style emo rock, not the one focused on the hairstyle, just to help you figure out what I mean...
Anyway, this style is absolutely not my cup of tea, but Speak Your Heart have a unique touch and I really enjoy listening to their tunes. They are fresh, mellow and energetic! Especially song no.2 'This Is The Call' is my favorite!
All in all, this is a refreshing record to listen in your car's stereo while driving hundreds of kilometres. It's a bit melancholic, too, but nevermind.
The cover artwork is cool but the booklet could be better though, no lyrics, no info, no band members, just a thank you list.