One Trax Minds
's/t' CD
Indelirium Records
Nowadays I find it boring to listen to an entire punk rock record when it features more than 9-10 songs. I don't know why but everything seems repetitive and I think it's useless to include too many songs in a record. 9-10 it's the perfect amount!
So, here we have 15 songs by One Trax Minds from Abruzzo (middle Italy). To be honest, I got a bit bored after song no.8. One Trax Minds listens a lot to Rancid and that's obvious. I can definitely state that it's the more close to Rancid European band I've ever listened to.
This fact has its positive and negative aspects, though. Positive because Rancid is one of the best punk rock bands ever, negative because it's waaaayyyy to hard to 'copy' Rancid and be better than Rancid, in my humble opinion.
Anyway, I do not say that One Trax Minds copy Rancid, but they are hugely influenced from them and I'd prefer something more unique.
Of course the record includes some awesome tracks like 'I'm giving all', 'City of God' and 'Bad Company' but it's nothing groundbreaking at all.
But that's not a problem for One Trax Minds, as I can figure out. The guys have fun and enjoy playing punk rock music after all!
So, if you are into Rancid, Swingin' Utters and the likes, go check 'em out right now.
If you don't like this style, go ahead and walk your path.

P.S.1: Nice digipack packaging and layout.
P.S.2: One Trax Minds just released a split 7" with Bones Bag, I'll review it in a couple of days, weeks or months.
P.S.3: Indelirium Records rule.