Storm & Stress
'Sin' CD
Let It Burn Records
Storm & Stress is a band from Germany that exists since 2007 and has already released a self-titled CD/7" (by Blacktop Records and Cobra Records respectively).
Their -not so- new (it was released back in late 2008) MCD 'Sin' is more mature than ever, influenced by that Clevo sound (that means Integrity) and Give Up The Ghost, This Is Hell.
From the piano intro, that haunts your mind, all the way down to the 7th song, the record is so fucking interesting, that you can't stop pushing repeat again and again.
Song no.2 'What makes the world go round' is so catchy that you'll sing it in your bathroom for sure!
The cover & the whole artwork is really nice, as well. A lighthouse surrounded by birds, how powerful yet melancholic!
'Sin' was produced by Phillip Meyer (who he also wrote that piano intro) of Waterdown fame (post-hardcore legends from Germany, Victory Records, they are still active by the way).
Storm & Stress are back,
after some months of inactivity, and they tour with Goldust in a couple of months. Join them.