'Hold out to the last' CD
Sliptrick Records
'Hold out to the last', so here's the review at last... It took me ages to sit down and listen carefully to this record and start typing this. Sorry guys...
So, Hardway come from Italy and this is their first CD (or better MCD, it includes just 8 songs counting around 20 minutes) that was released in summer of 2008 by Sliptrick Records from USA. The band has now signed to Strikedown Records and they will release their 2nd album sometime in 2010.
To be honest, their music is not my cup of tea. I don't listen a lot to NYHC nowadays and when I listen to this style of music I prefer the old yet good bands, you know the deal.
Hardway are influenced by Madball, Terror, First Blood, Death Before Dishonor and the likes, that means tough guy, heavy / brutal hardcore, with a lot of beatdowns and chugga chugga riffs.
It's not bad at all and they manage not to bore the listener, but it's just not my cup of tea, that's all I guess. I feel like I've already listened to these songs 1000 times...
I'm sure that many people from Greece will like them, though. This kind of music is huge here and it seems that some kids believe that hardcore is only NYHC / brutal hardcore, tough guy attitude, baggy clothes and an air of self-importance.
Yeah NYHC is hardcore with a big H, but dude/tte, there are plenty of other styles floating in the hardcore / punk scene and you seem not to even care and that's fucking pathetic.
Go on, educate yourself!
I stop preaching...

I will patiently wait for their new record.