Burning Fiction
'Don't lose touch' CD
Pee Records
Burning Fiction come from Perth, West Coast Australia and this is their 2nd full length album, following the self-released debut one called 'Material' (2007).
The band is strongly influenced by the So-Cal scene, the Fat Wreck / early Epitaph back catalogue and acts like Lagwagon, No Use For A Name, Strung Out and NOFX.
As you can figure out, there's nothing groundbreaking or unique but just in your face melodic punk rock music, including some technical riffs and a huge rhythm section, plus very nice clean vocals and sing-along backups.
Burning Fiction are surely in it for the fun and the pleasure of playing music and they seem dedicated enough. They lyrics are interesting and thought-provoking, too.
If you dig this style of music, grab your skateboard and go shred some concrete while listening to 'Don't lose touch'.
Labels like Pee Records puts Australian punk rock / hardcore music back in the map. Word.